Flash//CRITIC Cyber Threat Intelligence Report

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Flash//CRITIC is derived a combination of two intelligence code words used for sending urgent messages. A CRITIC message must reach top government leaders within 10 minutes. CRITIC messages in history warned of crises or impending conflict. Flash messages also are urgent communications. Placing Flash on a cable or communication must reach officials within five minutes.


With this sense of urgency, Flash//CRITIC Cyber Threat Intelligence Report will bring you news and information normally reserved for senior government policymakers and military leaders. The biweekly newsletter will provides exclusive content available no where else. Whether you are a network administrator charged with protecting hundreds of computer networks, or a desktop computer user, Flash//CRITIC Cyber Threat Intelligence Report will contain vital information in an easy-to ready format on  the full spectrum of threats in the increasingly dangerous realm of cyberspace.


Flash//CRITIC Cyber Threat Intelligence Report will cover the range of cyber threats, including Chinese and Russian state-sponsored cyber attacks and reconnaissance, costly and increasingly dangerous financial cyber attacks carried out by organized crime groups, and the attacks and defenses related to  anarchist-oriented hacker groups.


The newsletter will written and edited by veteran national security jounalist Bill Gertz. Based on decades of experience and unparalleled sources and access to U.S. government officials,  Flash//CRITIC Cyber Threat Intelligence Report will present details on cyber threats and efforts to counter them that are found in no other place in the public domain.


Flash//CRITIC Cyber Threat Intelligence Report will cover developments inside the U.S. government, from Congress to the Executive Branch to the courts, on all aspects of cyber security. The newsletter will be must reading for those who need to stay informed of the latest cyber security issues in Washington.



Check back here for details on when the newsletter will be available, in both digital online and print editions. For inquiries about Flash//CRTICIC Cyber Threat Intelligence Report, send to flashcriticnews@gmail.com.


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