Stratcom nominee on growing cyber threats

The nominee to be the next U.S. Strategic Command commander warned that China and Russia pose growing threats to cyber space.

“Our potential adversaries have studied the U.S. way of warfare and are actively developing asymmetric responses,” Air Force Gen. John Hyten told the Senate Armed Services Committee in written answers to questions.

Asked to outline the main strategic threats, Hyten listed advanced ballistic and cruise missiles; counter-space capabilities; hypersonic weapons; unmanned aerial vehicles; and autonomous underwater vehicles.

“I am also concerned about the growing cyber capabilities of advanced state actors, such as Russia and China, as well as non-state actors,” he said.

“The growing sophistication and availability of information technology that can be used for nefarious purposes means we face an increasing future cyber threat both in terms of speed and scope of impact.”

The threat trends indicate Stratcom needs more integrated approach to deterrence and warfighitng.

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Senate Armed Services Committee
Sept. 20, 2016