Securing ‘The Internet of Things’

The Department of Homeland Security issued a report this week outlining ways the Internet of Things can be made more secure.

The Internet of Things, or IoT, includes millions of networked devices ranging from video cameras to television digital video recorders all connected to the internet. Unlike computers and handheld devices, most IoT devices lack security and can be easily hacked.

Evidence surfaced last month of a major IoT hack of the domain name service company Dyn, which suffered a multiple-wave cyberattack that temporarily shut down its servers during a massive denial-of-service attack through the IoT. Scores of major companies were affected by the disruption. Computer security experts say unknown hackers used a network of hijacked devices in automated attacks involving possibly hundreds of thousands of devices.

“Network-connected devices are becoming ubiquitous and even essential to many aspects of day-to-day life, from fitness trackers to pacemakers to cars to the control systems that deliver clean water and power to our homes,” the DHS said in a report outlining steps to take to secure remote devices. “While the benefits of the IoT are undeniable, so too is the reality that security is not keeping up with the pace of innovation.”

The department added: “Our nation cannot afford a generation of IoT devices deployed with little consideration for security. The consequences are too high given the potential for harm to our critical infrastructure, our personal privacy and our economy.”

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Washington Times/Inside the Ring (Item 2)
Nov. 16, 2016