Caucasus terrorists threaten cyber war against Russia over Sochi Olympics

A group of hackers from Russia’s North Caucasus region are threatening to conduct “a cyber war on the largest scale” against the Russian government regarding the Sochi Olympics, set to begin next month.
A group identifying itself as “Anonymous Caucasus, Electronic Army of the Caucasus Emirate” posted a YouTube video threatening cyber war asserting that it plans the cyber strikes against Russia because the Olympics are being held in a region where ethnic Circassians were targeted for “genocide” by Russia 150 years ago.
The video was posted Dec. 27 under the headline “Address by Anonymous Caucasus #OpSochi2014OfRussia”
A narrator uses a disguised voice and one phrase posted in English on the video states: “Putin don’t build your credibility on Circassian graves” “Sochi the land of genocide,” and “You’ll be skiing on mass graves.”
“We will stage a cyber war of the largest scale against the Russian government,” the video states. “You will pay for this. You have stepped beyond humanity if you have decided to stage games on the land of our ancestors. Our army has become stronger than yesterday, than a minute ago, and our activity will grow.”
The video also aid that “we support all people of the Caucasus against our enemy and enemies of Islam – Russia.”
“Not without reason it is said – measure thrice and cut once. Stop your activities in Sochi and we will stop ours.”
The hackers threatened to “infect and break servers” in Russia, vowing, “we will attack you, we will destroy you.”
Disclosure of the video followed two deadly suicide bombing attacks in Volgograd, some 400 miles from the southern city of Sochi.
Russian President Vladimir Putin has vowed to destroy Islamic terrorists who carried out the Volgograd attacks.
Russian security forces have set up a security cordon around Sochi, located on the Black Sea near George and Turkey, stretching hundreds of miles.

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Dec. 27, 2013