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Syria war, Egypt strife prompt surge in cyberattacks

DOHA — The civil war in Syria and political unrest in Egypt are prompting a surge in cyber attacks in the Middle East, according to the Internet security company McAfee. More than half of cyber incidents in the Persian Gulf this year involved “hacktivist” attacks – which account for only a quarter of cybercrime globally – as politically motivated programmers sabotaged opposing groups or institutions, according to executives from the Intel Corp’s software security division McAfee. Reuters Sept. 3, 2013 Full story…… Read More

FBI warns on Syrian hacker threat

The FBI is warning that a grouip called the Syrian Electronic Army is engaged in engaged in cyber attacks on social and other media. An FBI Advisory issued Aug. 30 states that the SEA is a pro-regime hacker group that grew out of anti-government protests in Syria in 2011. The group has been “compromising high profile media outlets in an effort to spread pro-regime propaganda,” the Bureau advisory said. “The SEA’s primary capabilities include spearphishing, web defacements, and hijacking social media accounts to spread propaganda. Over the past several months, the SEA has been…

Anonymous launches Operation Kiwi against N. Zealand

The anarchist group Anonymous announced on Aug. 25 it will conduct cyber attacks against New Zealand to protest passage of new Government Communications Security Bureau legislation allowing domestic electronic surveillance. Anonymous announced its Operation Kiwi Freedom in a YouTube video. Full story…… Read More

NSA turns to Tumblr

The National Security Agency is turning to Tumblr in an effort to combat negative publicity about allegations of improper electronic and data surveillance of Americans. Director of National Intelligence James Clapper disclosed the new online blog called IC On the Record.… Read More

‘Bloodsucking Leech’ threatens servers

A new hardware vulnerability in Dell, HP and other servers poses risks to some 100,000 operating servers that are at risk of remote hacks that can steal passwords and install malicious software, according to researchers. The threat is posed by baseboard management controllers embedded in motherboards of most servers, according to a report by Ars Technica.… Read More

Indian Intelligence on Alert for Pak cyber attacks

Indian government security and intelligence agencies in charge of protecting cyber space recently intercepted a communication from cyber criminals who are planning to conduct attacks on Indian infrastructure in August. Terrorists in Pakistan are joining forces with cyber criminals from around the world in the targeting. Intelligence sources said there has been a sharp increase in cyber attacks emanating from Pakistan and China over the past several years. Intelligence from cyber forensic inquiries shows that Pakistan and China-based hackers are joining forces in the attacks. The intercepted communication stated that non-state cyber hackers, including “Pakistan…

Terrorists using Salafi search engine

Islamist terrorists are using a Google-based Salafist search engine to find Islamist websites, according to U.S. officials. The Salafist search engine has identified 51 web sites considered “credible” by the hardline Islamists, characterized as those who want to impose a strict form of Shirah law. The Salafi search engine is set up by Libyan Islamist Abu-Hurayrah Muhammad Bin-Najm. Among the 51 sites were names such as Heritage the Prophets; Understanding the Prophet’s teachings, Sheikh Mahir al-Qahtani; Paths of Peace for Salafi audio; General Presidency of Scholarly Research and Ifta; Ansar al-Da’wah al-Salafiyah [supporters…