About Flash//CRITIC

Flash//CRITIC Cyber Threat News presents news and information for the general public and security professionals on a wide range of security threats in the domain now called cyberspace. The service features a weekly column by veteran national security journalist Bill Gertz called The Week in Cyber Threat Space that chronicles the latest development on cyber threats. Additionally, Flash//CRITIC Cyber Threat News supports the free use of the cyberspace through its Internet Freedom Forum, a section foscused on reports related to Internet freedom and efforts by governments and others to encroach on it.

Flash//CRITIC is derived from two intelligence code words used in communicating urgent messages. A CRITIC message is one that must reach top government leaders within 10 minutes. CRITIC messages in history warned leaders of crises or impending conflict. Flash messages also  are urgent communications. Placing Flash on a cable or communication menas it must reach officials within five minutes. Flash//CRITIC Cyber Threat News approaches news gathering and dissemination of cyber threat information with this sense of urgency.

Flash//CRITIC Cyber Threat News also gathers news stories from  Washington, DC and around the natiom and world.

In the future, Flash//CRITIC will produce exclusive premium content in the Flash//CRITIC Cyber Threat Intelligence Report. Check here for subscription information.

Flash//CRITIC Cyber Threat News is published by Digital Ace Enterprises, LLC, P.O. Box 6794, Annapolis, MD 21401.

Contact: flashcriticnews@gmail.com.

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