Where do Trump and Clinton stand on keeping the internet open?

When the Federal Communications Commission voted to approve net neutrality rules last year, many people saw it as a done deal. Supporters cheered the decision as a victory for the free and open internet, where the deep pockets of big companies couldn’t buy faster web speeds over struggling startups.

Since then, the issue has largely faded from the spotlight and has rarely come up on the presidential campaign trail. But internet policy experts say the FCC decision was far from the end of the story – and with just over 10 weeks until the election, time is running out for voters to ask the candidates to clarify their positions.

“There are a number of unresolved issues surrounding net neutrality that are still going to be hot topics to be resolved by the next administration,” said Doug Brake, a telecom policy analyst at the nonprofit Information Technology and Innovation Foundation.

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Aug. 26, 2016

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