Cyber threats on FERC’s radar, commissioner says

The growing number of cyber threats to the nation’s electric grid are at the forefront of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s mind these days, FERC Commissioner Cheryl LaFleur told Bloomberg BNA in an exclusive interview.

“The difficulty is that the threats are evolving very, very rapidly. I don’t think I knew what ransomware was six months ago, and now it’s all over the press. There seem to be constant new words of new types of cyber incursions, and the standards process is not nimble enough to continually adapt to all of the new cyber threats. So I think we have to work beyond the standards to communicate between the government and industry and other parts of government to make sure threat information is shared and responses can adapt rapidly,” she said.

She also highlighted the challenges of integrating more intermittent renewables to the grid but remained optimistic that reliability wouldn’t be affected.

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Bloomberg BNA
Aug. 31, 2016